Concerning Rights
I own the rights to most, but not all, of the images on this site. The exceptions are either in the public domain or permitted by the Fair Use Doctrine as I understand it. For example, the header images are severely cropped and edited versions of historic maps and photographs pertaining to the Delmarva Peninsula. I’m not making any money off of them and nobody else could substitute them for the original images. That said, if you believe you own the rights to any of the images on this site, just email me at chrisslavens @, and I’ll remove them immediately.

The Header Images
You may have noticed that this site features several header images, which alternate randomly. All have been cropped and edited. They are:

  • Parts of Captain John Smith’s 1612 map of Virginia, which is amazing considering that he explored the Chesapeake Bay in a small barge. The Nanticoke River is labeled Kuskarawaok.
  • Part of Augustine Herrman’s 1670 map of Maryland and Virginia, which shows present-day Delaware as mostly blank space.
  • Parts of a 1794 map of the peninsula.
  • Part of a 1905 photograph of farmers loading watermelons onto boxcars in Laurel. I found this image in the Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Online Catalog, which advises that there are “no known restrictions on publication,” but I think I’ve seen the same photo credited to the Delaware Public Archives. I wouldn’t publish the full image without double-checking and writing for permission if necessary.
  • Historic photos of Old Christ Church and Rosemont, both in Laurel, and an eerie tombstone near the lost town of Dover in Talbot County.
  • A small family cemetery located on state land near Raccoon Pond, photographed in February 2014.